Iftane Takarroumt is a cinematographer, photographer and a multidisciplinary Artist based in Paris.

Growing up in North Africa, her passion for photography started at the age of 9. The natural diversity, cultural and artistic wealth of the continent allowed her to develop a sensitivity and a great love for this media. In 2010, she did her first solo exhibition in Morocco, followed by two others before moving to France in 2012, to continue her studies, after which she obtained a Master's Degree of Art Direction in Visual Communication, Animated Films and VFX. 

After working as a 3D character artist on a Netflix TV show, in 2018 Iftane decided to switch her CGI softwares for her camera and teamed up with a National Geographic anthropologist and a documentary producer/cinematographer to work on a documentary about Fantasia women horseback riders in Morocco.

Today, she is dedicating her time on writing, directing, shooting and editing empowering stories, featuring characters from various backgrounds and cultures. Focusing on bringing a better and smarter visual storytelling for audiences around the world.

Contact : iftane.taka@gmail.com


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