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Iftane Takarroumt is an award-winning cinematographer, photographer and storyboard artist, specializing in animated films and documentaries. As an artist, she draws much of her inspiration from the many countries she’s lived in.

Her passion for art, and photography took root during her childhood in Africa. Initiating her professional journey in photography at the age of 14, she accomplished her debut exhibition at the Centre Culturel de Rabat at the age of 17, followed by three additional exhibitions before moving to France to pursue her studies.

As a polyglot with an unwavering work ethic, she earned her Master's Degree of Art Director in Animated Films & Visual Communication from ECV School in Bordeaux. Subsequently, Iftane embarked on her professional career as a character artist for a Netflix animated series. Simultaneously, she immersed herself in documentary production, assuming the roles of producer and cinematographer on "The Bardia." This inaugural documentary later became part of the Short Film Showcase on National Geographic, receiving multiple awards and festival selections worldwide.

Throughout her career, Iftane has worked as a director, producer, storyboard artist, cinematographer, and editor on over 25 projects, spanning 2D animation, 3D animation, and live-action. Collaborating with studios and clients of all sizes, she brought their creative visions to life. Her projects secured 18 festival selections, and her contributions as a producer, director, and cinematographer earned her 5 awards, including Best Documentary at the Montreal Independent Film Fest.

Beyond her professional achievements, Iftane demonstrates a deep commitment to the next generation of creative minds. As a speaker and workshop facilitator, she shares her expertise and experience in educational workshops on imagery.

In collaboration with three other French visual artists, Iftane co-founded the "Fun Per Second" collective based in Bordeaux, dedicated to bringing together professionals and enthusiasts in the animation film industry to celebrate the magic of animated production and stimulate creativity in the world of animation in France.

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