Iftane is a French-Moroccan multilingual cinematographer, storyboard artist and sculptress

based in Bordeaux, France.

She holds a Master's Degree of Art Direction in Animated Films, VFX & Visual Communication.

After working as a CG artist on a Netflix TV show, in 2018 Iftane decided to switch her CGI softwares for her camera and teamed up with National Geographic documentary producer to work on an ethnographic documentary film.  

Today, Iftane works as a cinematographer and storyboard artist on various projects including documentaries, short films, commercials and video clips. She is responsible for the process of recording a scene in the manner desired by the director, the choice of the cameras and lenses, designing and selecting lighting, directing the gaffer's placement of lighting, the shot composition and camera movements in consultation with the director. 

Her experience as a CG artist gives her a complete understanding of the production needs while working with a visual effects team as well as being very efficient and creative in drawing storyboards and adding her artistic input.

She is also very involved in the environmental cause and works as a video producer

for the Jane Goodall Institute France.