Iftane Takarroumt is a French-Moroccan director, cinematographer, photographer and a CG artist based in Paris. 


Growing up in North Africa, Iftane started taking photos at the age of 9. The natural diversity and the cultural richness of the aerea allowed her to develop a sensitivity and a great love for this media. In 2010 at the age of 17 she did her first solo exhibition in Morocco followed by two others before moving to France in 2012 to continue her studies, after which she obtained a Master's Degree of Art Direction in Visual Communication, Animated Films and VFX. 


After working as a 3D character artist on a Netflix TV show, in 2018 she decided to switch her computer for her camera and teamed up with a National Geographic award winning director to work on a documentary who introduces us to a group of Moroccan women who are challenging stereotypes by competing in a traditionally male display of horsemanship with roots in traditional military tactics called Tbourida. 


Today, she is dedicating her time on writing, directing, shooting and editing empowering stories, featuring characters from various backgrounds and cultures. Focusing on bringing a better and smarter visual storytelling for audiences around the world.


Contact : iftane.taka@gmail.com


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Film + TV

Alone Together (2020) - Documentary Short
Director, Editor: Iftane Takarroumt

 Camera Operators: 60 People Around the World

Bardia (2020) - Documentary Short
Directors: Gabriella Garcia-Pardo & Gwyneth Talley
DP: Gabriella Garcia-Pardo

 Camera Operator/ Field Producer: Iftane Takarroumt

Go! Go! Cory Carson (2020) - NETFLIX

Production co: Kuku Studios 

 Directors: Stanley Moore & Alex Woo

3D Character Artist : Iftane Takarroumt

Percée (2018) - Animated Short 

Director: Iftane Takarroumt

DP, CG Artist : Iftane Takarroumt

 Might & Magic : Elemental Guardians (2017) - UBISOFT

Production co: 23lunes Creative Animation Studio

 Directors: Jordi Garcia & Bor Arroyo​ ​

CG Artist (Intern): Iftane Takarroumt

Commercials + Music Videos

"Bouncin" - Maison Fondée
Client: Maison Fondée

Director, DP: Iftane Takarroumt

"Magnetic Fe26" + "L'artisan métallier"

Client: Atelier J Concept

Director, DP: Iftane Takarroumt

"François Avril" - Château Beychevelle

Agency: Huberty & Breyne Gallery

Director, DP: Iftane Takarroumt

"Sweetest Sins" - HURU

Client: Huru Shop

Director, DP: Iftane Takarroumt

"HOPE" - The Board Game

Agency: Morning Players

Directors: Max Simoneau & Iftane Takarroumt

Video Producers: Max Simoneau & Iftane Takarroumt



2010. "Mistral Gagnant" @Cultral Center of Agdal - Rabat


2012. "W for WOMEN" 9th edition international women's film festival of Salé @Bouregreg Association - Salé
2011. The First International Youth Meeting (Guest : Allyn Destry Spielberg) @ Mohammed-V National Theatre

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